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New Year, New Me?

I’ve been ruminating with the idea of starting a blog for some time now. My hesitations? What the heck would I write about? Overall my life’s pretty sweet but day in, day out, there’s not always a whole lot going on – it’s just a bunch of sitting around watching Netflix and doodling, and who wants to read about that? Then I told myself to stop making excuses and just do it. I can figure out what I’m doing here while I’m doing it (story of my life, much?) So until I figure out just what exactly I want to do, I guess this blog will be a little bit of everything.

The start of a new year is supposed to be the start of a new you, but for the most part I’ve never really bought that. Why should January 2016 be any different from December 2015? Now I’m just sad the holidays are over, and January feels way less awesome than December did. This year’s “new start”, though, actually does feel a little different from the previous January start-ups, and it’s because I actually do kind of need to start a new step in my life. I’ve just finished my last semester at university and now I’m in that awkward limbo phase between finishing school and waiting for it to become official when I actually graduate. All I can think to myself is, crap now I have to be a real adult. How do adults adult? No idea.

I was never a huge fan of school, but at least I knew what I was doing… sort of. Now I’ve got to enter the real world and somehow I don’t think my English degree is going to come in handy for that. “Hello sir, would you care to discuss the quixotic tropes Austen employs in Northanger Abbey? No, very well then, I’ll be on my way.” Ah, well, I’ll figure things out. Or I won’t, but that can be dealt with another day.

Let’s hope this is the start to a good beginning!


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