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How Can I Get My Dream Job?

Over the years there have been many things I’ve dreamed about doing when I grew up. If I’m remembering correctly, first I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I loved animals, still do, and I remember reading books where characters were vets and it seemed like an amazing thing to do.

Eventually that segued into wanting to become a marine biologist, mostly one that was involved with dolphins, because I looooooved dolphins to the point of obsession. Again, this want came from books, specifically the series Dolphin Diaries (so much love!). Whenever I played Zoo Tycoon, I almost always focused on marine animals, and getting to go to the aquarium as a child was the most magical thing imaginable.

My love for the aquarium and dolphins has not disappeared – going to the aquarium even now is pretty much still the most magical thing next to castles and Harry Potter – but somewhere down the road my main interests shifted to wanting to become a criminologist, like on CSI. Of course, I knew it would be nothing like any of the crime shows, but how cool would that be? I read a lot of books about it, and was given a bunch of silly toys like children’s crime kits, if you can believe such a thing exists. I love solving puzzles and mysteries, and Nancy Drew is still one of my biggest heroes (shout-out to Her Interactive for bringing her alive in the best way in their computer games, which I still love to play), but science and I have not been known to be best friends, and once again my main focus shifted.

These dream jobs, all of which I still think would be awesome even if not perfectly suited to me, were dreams of mine in elementary and early high school. I think it wasn’t until grade 12 that I realised what truly would be my perfect career. Almost everything for me comes back to books, so I thought, why not do something to surround myself with books? At first I was thinking of becoming a book editor, and that is still a valid option to me now and a direction I would willingly go in, but if I’m being completely honest my dream job is a writer. I want to write books more than anything. Writing has long been a passion of mine, I’ve been doing it since as far back as I can remember. Nothing would make me happier than to become a successful novelist, to publish a book that I wrote. But that’s not an easy thing to do. Where do I even begin?

Last summer I finished writing my very first novel, and I fully intend to get it published. Now I just need to figure out how. In a way that’s why I’ve started this blog, in the hopes that I might be able to build up a writing platform for myself. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, but I certainly mean to find out!

Good luck to everyone else out there trying to make their dream job a reality! Let’s do it together!


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