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I Am Not a Make-Up Expert

But I wish I was. Don’t get me wrong – I know some stuff and I have a basic look I do most days, but it would be nice to have some variation every now and then. The things I don’t know how to do far outnumber the things I do know how to do. False eyelashes for example – how in Frankenweenie’s name do you stick those things on? I’d probably end up gluing my eyes shut. And that is not attractive.

Some people say they’re not a make-up expert and then they go and contour the crap out of their face. How?! Nah, nah, that is some expert knowledge right there, don’t go lying. I don’t even fully know the difference between contour, foundation, cover up, etc., basically it’s all stuff you put on your face to hide your face. Don’t even get me started on bronzer. Someone, please, enlighten me. I don’t break out often, but when I get a spot on my chin it needs to go die and for the life of me I cannot cover it up the way I’ve seen other girls do it. Masters of zit disguisers! Teach me your ways!

At least I don’t stab myself with my mascara anymore. I’ve gotten my everyday look pretty much about as near to perfection as it’s going to get with me. My normal look consists of:

  • Eyeshadow base plus a neutral toned eyeshadow. Sometimes that eyeshadow will have a little sparkle to it (who doesn’t love a good sparkle?). The only reason I’ve started doing this first before putting on my eyeliner is because this helps my eyeliner to actually survive a whole day rather than creasing and getting all gross looking.
  • Liquid eyeliner (black) over my whole top lid, extending out into a winged curve. Sometimes I try to spice things up with the line, playing with the thickness, the curve, how far out it goes, but generally from day to day it looks the same. Trying to make both eyes match is a nightmare. I also put some liquid liner over my bottom lash line, from outer edge to halfway in. This line usually looks like crap, but that’s okay because it’s just a base.
  • Pencil liner (also black) to go back over the bottom line – smooths it out, sets the liquid liner, and the liquid liner helps to keep the pencil in place. My bottom line still travels throughout the day, but I’ve found by combining liquid with pencil, it stays much better.
  • Mascara on top and bottom lashes, nothing fancy.
  • Some foundation. I only put stuff where it’s needed, rather than coating my entire face. So I put it on my nose, because my nose is prone to redness, and I put it on my chin, because that is my most common break out spot.
  • Darker eyeshadow on my eyebrows. This is new. I never used to bother with filling in my eyebrows, but one day when I was bored I decided to try it and now I can never go back. My eyebrow game has been upped.

That’s all. And that’s a super basic look, and even reading just that it seems complicated. Girl problems, am I right?


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