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Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

Most of these are gifts from the holiday season, some of these are old favourites coming back to life, but here are the top 8 things I’m obsessed with right now:

Number 8

Honey mustard. I’ve never been super into mustard before. I mean, it was alright, but as far as condiments were concerned, ketchup was always the way to go for me. So mustard of any kind has never really been on my radar. Then a while back I got some honey mustard as my dipping sauce for chicken fingers – and it was amazing. Over the holidays I went to Ontario to visit family and at the airport I went to Starbucks for some food and they had a turkey sandwich with lettuce, aged cheddar, and honey mustard so I went for that since they didn’t have what I usually get. This sandwich was so good, and now I’m really feeling the honey mustard. Anything with honey mustard on it, I am game to try. That sandwich was so good, I got it on my way back home too.

Number 7

Cranberry juice. Classic. No special story here, I’ve just really been getting into cranberry juice lately. It’s delicious. No further argument needed. It’s great.

Number 6

Reed diffusers. I got one for my room a while back and now my room smells so so good. I never want to leave my room. It’s just a generic one from Superstore and it works so well. It has a lovely floral scent to it that’s strong enough to spread throughout the room but not so strong that my nose is annoyed by my spending habits. I will definitely be going back for refills.

Number 5

Silly Cow Farms All Natural Hot Chocolate in Chocolate Truffle flavour. Oh man, you guys, this is so good. A lovely rich, creamy, dark hot chocolate. If there are any chocolate lovers out there, then this is the obsession for you.

Number 4

Lush bath balms. Any Lush bath balms. Baths are the best and they are even better with a Lush bath balm. I want to try them all. Right now I’m really into Shoot for the Stars. When you put it in the water, brilliant beautiful colours twirl outwards like a supernova, and in the center are elegant sparkles. The colours blend together to make the water blackish, which sounds horrifying, but with the addition of the sparkles it’s like you’re bathing in the night sky and it’s wonderful. It leaves you with silky smooth skin and a hint of sparkle that will make you the belle of the ball on a night out. Plus it smells really good too, so what’s not to love?

Number 3

Mint & Argan Exfoliating Body Scrub by Phytorelax Laboratories. I got this as a Christmas present and I am in love with it. It feels amazing to scrub yourself down with it in the shower and afterwards it will feel like you’ve given yourself a brand new, soft as a baby’s bottom, skin. It has a refreshing scent and an excellent cleansing effect.

Number 2

London Fog Earl Grey Latte by Jagasilk. Absolutely obsessed! This is probably the most amazing thing I’ve drunk that I can make at home. It’s a powder mixture that you stir into heated milk and it is heaven for your mouth. I think I only have enough left for about one more cup, and the thought of that makes me so sad. I will need to save the last cup for a special occasion. It is so so so so so good.

Number 1 (drumroll please!)

Colouring books! My boyfriend got me one of those fancy colouring books from Chapters and this is literally all I’ve been doing in January. I love colouring, it’s the best thing ever to do and probably the one thing I miss most about childhood and I’m so happy to be doing it again. I’m not even a quarter of the way through the book because each page is so intricate and takes a long time to colour and I am loving every second of it. My book has a section at the end where you can add your own doodles to the pages which is a super cool addition that I haven’t seen in the other colouring books out there. This is definitely my number 1 obsession right now because it’s all I think about, all I want to do, and even when my hand is cramping and my back is aching I can’t stop. Best thing ever!!!


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