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Gnomebert Travels Europe

Meet Gnomebert, my travelling companion. Wherever I went he followed along, getting up to misadventures of his own. Follow along with us and see if you can spot where we went. As I continue with my travel tales, Gnomebert will pop up every now and then for a little extra travelling fun.

GTE 3 - Barcelona
Long trek up the mountain


GTE 10 - Rome
Are we there yet?


GTE 16 - Venice
Can I go for a ride?


GTE 34 - Salzburg
Seems as good a place as any to sunbathe


GTE 45 - Vienna
Oy, what are you doing?


GTE 49 - Vienna
Found my new pad


GTE 55 - Amsterdam
Does this shoe make me look fat?


GTE 69 - London
Jolly ol’ time


GTE 62 - London
Posing with the royals and poets


GTE 65 - London
It’s a bit wet out


GTE 100 - RH
Think there’ll be food inside?


GTE 106 - HC
Quick, before I lose my head!

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