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Colouring for Days

I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now, my current adoration with colouring as of late. I have more or less been nonstop colouring since I was given one of those fancy schmancy colouring books for Christmas and I’m still loving it. I gotta say, it’s a good thing I’m not currently in school otherwise I’m sure I would be failing all my classes because I would no doubt be colouring instead of doing homework. Let’s face it, colouring is boss. So I figured I would share some of my favourite pieces with you.

The book I’m using currently is the Calming Therapy, an Anti-Stress Coloring Book, which can be found in Chapters (that’s where mine is from) or any other large bookstore chain, I would imagine. The illustrations are done by Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt, and Cindy Wilde. The really cool thing about this particular colouring book is that there is a section for doodling where you can add your own designs to the blank spaces and finish the pictures yourself. I still haven’t gotten there yet, because I’ve been making my way through the book front to back, and it takes quite a lot of time to finish some of the pages. I love this book and have really been enjoying myself. If you’d like to pick the book up for yourself or anyone you know who loves to colour, you can click here.

Here are some of my personal favourites that I’ve coloured so far:



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