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Girl Problems – Makeup Edition

As I’ve mentioned before, I am no makeup expert, but I feel like there are problems that every girl has experienced or thought about while getting their face ready for the world. For example, getting makeup in your eye – that is painful and you look like a blinky goon afterwards, trying to get it out.

Of course, not every girl wears makeup. No issue there. If you don’t ever, or hardly ever, people rarely make (correct me if I’m wrong) a comment over the fact that you’re not wearing makeup (then, of course, those girls probably get the freak out comments when they do put makeup on). But if you are the type of girl who wears at least some makeup on a regular basis, then any day where you happen to not be wearing makeup (maybe you didn’t feel like it, maybe you were too lazy, whatever, been there, done that) you end up eventually getting someone freaking out and saying “Whoahh, you look tired. Are you sick?” What? No, jeese, thanks, this is just my face.

I’ve seen so many pictures where people are like, look how pretty these celebrities are without makeup! Anyone with eyes can see that all those women are still wearing makeup, they’ve just gone for the “natural look”. Mascara and foundation is still makeup. It just looks natural and like they’re not wearing makeup because they don’t have on heavy eye shadow or liner or bright lips. Mascara has the tendency to open up our eyes, to make them appear wider, which is why when we don’t wear mascara and people are used to seeing us with mascara, we appear sleepy even if we’re not. I guess my point is, not wearing any makeup versus wearing the bare minimum is a very different thing.

Foundation is another problem area, I’ve found. I have yet to find the foundation that’s “the one” for me. I’ll try one brand, and it will be okay, but when it runs out I want to try something else, constantly searching for the perfect foundation for me. This means that every time I switch brands, I have to start all over again to find the foundation that matches my skin tone, which can be a very tedious process. Am I Amber-Rose or Sun Kissed? Tones that are so similar but if you choose wrong you’ll end up with streaks on your face where your foundation doesn’t match your skin. My current foundation’s name is not nearly so fancy as all that, it’s just Clair/Light (that’s another thing: why do the slightly more expensive brands have everything written in French on the bottle, like literally everything – I don’t use foundation, I use fond de teint belle peau). The best I can do when finding a new foundation is try to figure out which is the Clair/Light of this brand (and don’t get tricked by the names being the same across brands. What is Clair/Light for one brand isn’t always the same shade of Clair/Light for another). The struggle!

The other issue with foundation I’ve found is that the whole point of foundation is that it’s supposed to match your skin tone. My winter skin tone and my summer skin tone are different! I’ve just become a whole shade darker from being out in the sun all day and now my Clair/Light doesn’t match – well, great, now I need to go through the entire process again to find a foundation to match me when I’m tan. It’s not so much an issue here, in Canada, but when I was in Hawaii and Israel, this was a legitimate problem, which is just really, really sad.

The struggle indeed. Oy. Anyways, I’m rambling now, so I’m just gonna go.

Byeee ♥


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