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Spring has just about Sprung

It’s almost here! Springtime, sunny days, flowers everywhere, butterflies galore, sparklesparkleyaytime! In case you can’t tell, I’m super pumped about Spring. It’s my favourite season because the weather finally starts to get nice and warm again, but not warm enough to make me sticky, and there are flowers everywhere you look, and I’m probably as happy as a bee in Spring.

As early as February I started seeing crocuses poking their violet heads through the ground and I got so excited because it meant Spring was finally coming and the dreariness that is Winter was fiiiinalllly coming to an end. We still have a bit of a ways to go, the last icy claws of Winter still fighting to stay alive, but every sunny day we have is a day closer to the best season of the year.

I especially love my neighbourhood in the Spring. Almost every street is lined with cherry trees, which means come Springtime there is pink springiness everywhere you look. Even when the petals begin to fall, it’s gorgeous because then the streets and pavements are coated in pale pink and it’s fluttering all around you like delicate little pink snowflakes – flower snow is the best kind of snow.


Walking through the neighbourhood, I see all kinds of exciting flower-related things. Last year, one neighbour had planted poppies all over their front lawn, and it took me back to the poppy fields I remember driving past in France – gorgeous. There’s nothing quite like seeing a field of bright red poppies to brighten up your day.


But it’s not just flowers that get me excited about Spring – sure that’s a big part of it, but there’s so much else too! Sunny days to walk (or rollerblade!) along the Seawall without getting cold or hot, parks to explore and enjoy in sunny brightness, you know, just being outside in general. I feel cooped up in Winter because it’s too cold. Let’s face it, I’m a cold wimp.

And the outfits! Dresses, dresses everywhere. I’m in absolute heaven. My favourite thing to wear is a nice dress and Spring is the best time to wear them. I can get my flower-girl-boho-look on and fit right in – magnifique!

So come on Spring, I’m ready for you! I’ve got my pink lip gloss, my flower crown, my lacy dress, sunglasses in hand. I can hardly wait. Let’s go!


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