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Hiking in the Woods

If there’s one thing I love about living in Vancouver, BC, it’s that it never takes very long to find my way into the wilderness. We’re a big ol’ city, but we can just as soon be at the beach, in the rain forest, or up on a mountain.

There are a whole bunch of trails running through the woods by my boyfriend’s place, leading into valleys, up mountains, to lakes, so this weekend we decided, weather permitting, to go for a little hike. It wasn’t a hardcore hike or anything, just a pleasant walk through the woods, up and down and around, to enjoy nature and some time together.

After a hearty breakfast of eggs and pancakes, we were on our way.


It was a beautiful hike, if maybe a little muddy, but the crisp air was refreshing and it made for some excellent views.





A windstorm from a few days earlier beat up some of the trail that had been built up along the route, but we managed all the same.




I had a great time exploring the forest.





We even saw the city at one point.


We got pretty lucky with the weather. It’s been rainy here for most of this week, but we took our chances at the break in the clouds and went out adventuring. It only started to drizzle just as we were heading back, and then we were home, snuggled in blankets and drinking hot tea, listening to the rain that we had just missed come crashing down.

All in all it was a successful day!

I do love my city.



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