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Girl Problems – Hair Edition

I’ve previously discussed some of my issues with makeup, so I figured why not vent about hair? After all, what better day to talk about the problems of hair than a gloomy, rainy one such as this?

That brings me to my first hair problem: weather. Oh weather, you fickle fiend you. I have super fine hair, which means that it is super subject to the whims of climate. Joy! Wind is my mortal enemy. There is no surer way to ruin a good hair day than a gust of wind. Hello frizz! Hello tangles! We meet again. I can go from looking sleek and cute to crazy cat lady status in the span of about three seconds when I step outside. Uncool. Very uncool. Frizzy hair is the worst kind of look. That is not what a girl wants.

On top of that, all the effort I put into making my hair look nice can just go down the drain in a matter of seconds from going outside. If I start my day off with curled or wavy hair, by the end of the day it will have been pulled mostly straight. If I leave with straight hair, I’ll come back with curled hair. But not the good kind of curled. The messy, unkempt kind. The oh-wow-you-should-really-think-about-brushing-your-hair-more-often kind. And always with the frizz. Frizz and I have a love-hate relationship, in that it loves me and I hate it.

And don’t get me started on hairspray. The amount you need to put in your hair to keep your hair in place and stop it from frizzing is ridiculous. Turns my hair into greasy, rock-hard, crunchy locks, which, believe it or not, was not exactly the look or feel I was going for. I have yet to find a satisfactory hair product (although that may be because I am in fact too lazy to bother really investigating into the situation and too poor to buy a mass amount of expensive products). Let’s just say it’s hard to care too much about my hair when my hair likes to do its own thing so much of the time.

I go through phases where I get super pumped about finding new hairstyles. A new way to tie a bun. A fancy braid. Hair accessory combinations. I’ll watch videos on hair tutorials or read about the 5 easiest hair styles to achieve in under five minutes, thinking “great, that’s exactly what I need, look how many new ways I’ll have to do my hair now!” But the problem I find with those kind of things is that even though they claim the look is super easy to achieve, it’s usually not. I’m no hair styling genius, and those things can be super complicated sometimes. Not always, but more often than not, I find maybe one out of the ten they showed that I can actually do. Sigh. Is it just me, ladies? Am I really that inept at hair? Maybe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair, and I can make it look good (and keep it looking decent enough for the majority of the day). I’m not a complete mess. But these are issues that come up every now and then. Frizz will be a constant battle for me. So will getting my hair caught on things (long hair is a joy and a burden), and, my goodness, sometimes in the shower or when I’m brushing it, it seems like half my hair has just fallen out. Hair is everywhere.

Hair is love, hair is life.

What about you guys? What are some of your biggest problems with your hair?



2 thoughts on “Girl Problems – Hair Edition

  1. I definitely see where you are coming from! My hair is naturally really curly and I love to straighten my hair, so when it’s warm outside and I have already straightened my hair, it will naturally frizz up. Glad I’m not the only one 😛 xx


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