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Girl Problems – Clothing Edition

I’m at it again, with clothing this time!

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as getting a new piece of clothing, especially when that piece is a dress. Dresses are my favourite thing to buy and my favourite thing to wear. However, as much as I love clothing and dressing nicely, and that would be quite a lot, this does not limit the frustrations I still have with ladies’ fashion.

First of all, dresses. Love to love ’em, but dang if they aren’t irritating sometimes. My biggest qualm with dresses is the length they come in these days. I swear, it’s getting harder and harder to find a dress that’s not going to reveal my behind when I bend over. Hello, can you not? I shouldn’t have to wear leggins under my dresses to keep from showing off what my mamma gave me, and yet sometimes there’s no avoiding it, unless I want to be living in Flashville, which I do not. I have to train myself to bend at the knees instead of the waist in some of my dresses. Why can’t they just make dresses that aren’t super short – it doesn’t even have to be all of them, just some of them, some dresses here and there for me to purchase and wear without worrying about whether or not I’m showing what I shouldn’t be showing.

Wind is a big problem here too, as it is with hair. One big gust of wind and I’ll be having a Marilyn Monroe moment, and I do not look nearly as glam as she when desperately holding down my dress. Windy days and dresses do not go well together.

I also have to be careful with shoulder bags. Sometimes, when you’re walking along, minding your own business, swaying to the rhythm of some tunes, your bag will be rubbing against your side. And if you’re really unlucky, the bag against your side will start making your dress ride up. And if you’re really, really unlucky it will ride up high enough that your underwear starts poking through and you won’t notice until several blocks later. *Hides in embarrassment.* Oh dresses, I love you, I really really do, but sometimes you make my life so very difficult.

All these problems occur with skirts as well. I just notice it more with dresses because I wear dresses more than I wear skirts.

Another trend I’m really not understanding is see-through fabrics. I get it with tops. Fair enough. I can wear a tank top underneath, that doesn’t seem like any sort of stretch. But see-through bottoms? WHY IS THIS A THING?! Oh here, why don’t you put on these trousers that are completely see-through, I’m sure no one will notice your underwear, no worries. Ummm, no. I definitely should not have to wear pants underneath of pants. That makes zero sense. Can anyone explain this to me? Who in their right mind would want to wear bottoms that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination – and I have most definitely seen girls wearing things like this, no shame. It’s one thing if the fabric doesn’t look like it’s see-through but then in the light things show through. That’s understandable. I have a dress that I have to wear a certain colour of undergarments with so they don’t show through. But then there’s the fabrics that are just genuinely see-through without any doubt. You might as well not even be wearing pants right now. Why, oh why, is this a thing?

On that note, can I have something white that isn’t see-through? Guys have white clothing that isn’t see-through, why can’t we? Why is white such a difficult colour to not make see-through in girl’s clothing?

A huge annoyance for me is dresses or skirts that have an inner skirt. I get why they do this. This is in fact a way to fight against seeing through to your underwear. That’s fine, please continue this. My problem is with the way the inner skirt is attached to the outer skirt, or in some cases, isn’t attached at all. Maybe it’s just me, but when I wear things with inner skirts, I almost always have to pull down the inside skirt because it will ride up as I walk, thus defeating it’s purpose of being the solid fabric that hides your underwear. This is less of an issue if it’s a loose skirt, but anything more clingy loves to just ride on up. The other problem comes when the inside and outside skirt are both see-through, which again begs the question – why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

With the weather starting to warm up, these are the biggest issues that I will now have to start dealing with again. But it’s worth it I suppose, if it means I get to go play out in the sun.

What are some of your biggest clothing frustrations? There’s plenty I didn’t cover, so I’d love to hear from you.


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