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How Do You Like Your Ombre?

I’ve had ombred hair for just over a year now, and I’m still in love with it. One of the best hair compliments I’ve ever received since dying my hair was “I know the colour’s not natural, but on you it looks like it is.” Work it girl! Hair flip, hair flip. I’ve grown attached to this look and now I find it difficult to think of parting from it.

My ombre is the usual brunette into blonde. I like the idea of being blonde, although I don’t think my skin tone would work well with actually being completely blonde, so I happily settled for the ombre look, keeping the blonde parts golden. The desire of course is to achieve the gradient look, without it seeming like your hair is just growing out of an old dye job.

And while I love my ombre hair, and don’t wish to change it any time soon, I look around me and see the coolest hair colours and dos and wonder if I could ever pull those off. I saw a girl on the bus with ombre hair that went from black to red and it looked amazing. Then there are those pictures of the “sunset” look, with hair set ablaze with reds and oranges and blondes, and it’s like looking at a work of art. I adore the “mermaid” look too, turquoises and blues, pinks and purples. So I ask you, fellow readers, how do you like your ombre? What are the looks that you admire and covet, but are too chicken to try for yourself, or perhaps that you have tried for yourself and are loving every second of your colourful, colourful hair?

There was a time when I considered dying my hair red. I wouldn’t mind doing it, but I find it hard to picture myself with such a different colour than I’m used to, and like I’ve said, I am really loving my hair coloured the way it is now.

So for now I think I’ll keep it as it is, and admire from a distance the wonderful hair colours around me.


5 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Ombre?

    1. I love having ombre hair. It’s a great way to change things us without getting too crazy. I haven’t noticed any damage, because you don’t bleach the hair for an ombre, at least I didn’t have to. I just use Herbal Essence shampoo for long hair, since my hair is longer.
      I’ll definitely check your blog out!

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