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Preparing for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I am in full swing preparation-wise. I’m preparing an afternoon tea for my mother and her friend, and I am pooped with exhaustion from it.

On the menu I’ve got tea sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, and macarons, plus tea of course, and I’ve been working all week to get everything ready. Once everything’s made, and the day has passed, I’ll be getting lots of recipe posts to you guys, for all the things I’ve made, so stay tuned for those.

Saturday was the big shop for all the ingredients I needed, save for the things I need bought fresh the day of.

Tuesday I made the chocolate ganache I’m using as a filling for one of my macarons.

Wednesday was a macaron festival. I spent about six hours working away on four different kinds of macarons. I still haven’t quite mastered the technique so some of them came out looking a little funny, but I guarantee they’re going to taste amazing. I’m really excited to try them all, and have other people taste them too.

Thursday I baked cupcakes. When I ran out of storage space, I ate one (or two). Problem solved.

Today I will be preparing the scones, for baking tomorrow.

Finally, Saturday I’ll put the scones in the oven and put together the tea sandwiches (I should say that I’m doing my Mother’s Day tea on the Saturday, because my mom wanted the Sunday to work on her pottery).

And voila! A week of work done. I can’t wait to see it put all together. It’s gonna be great! And hopefully beautiful!

This is the current state of my front porch, from all the baked goods. Clearly, there will be leftovers (hurrah), although to be fair, some of those containers only have one or two cupcakes in them to make sure the icing wouldn’t smush together:



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