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Why London?

London / England in general was one of the most anticipated places for me to visit on my trip across Europe, which is why I decided to stay in London for a month, and head off to different cities on day trips throughout the month.

And boy am I glad I did! There’s so much to do in London alone that there’s no way I could have seen everything I wanted to see in a shorter amount of time. Heck, I could have stayed there forever. This trip definitely confirmed for me that London is my dream city to live in.

So instead of taking you through day by day like I’ve been doing for everywhere else I visited, I’ll cover the best of the best. Some of these things will have been done on the same day, some will have gotten a day all to themselves. I’ll go through London, and the other places I went to in England, attraction by attraction, but I’ll still keep it in the order I did everything in.

That means you can expect castles (plenty of castles), countryside walks, haunted tours, dungeons, plays, visits to some famous writers’ hometowns, and plenty more. It’s going to be a wild ride! Hopefully I’ll be able to get you as excited as I felt that whole month (like literally nonstop excitement feels was my life for an entire month).

England has always been a focal part of my life, centering on London, even before I got the chance to go there. I am in love with English history, especially the Plantagenet and Tudor periods (some of my favourite historical figures include Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard). And of course there’s the literature – Dickens, Shakespeare, Austen, the Brontë sisters to name a tiny tiny fracture of the writers I admire.

I had an amazing time in England and I can’t wait to go back and experience even more, which will hopefully be very soon. And in the meantime, I can’t wait to share the wonder with you all!

GTE 72 - London
Gnomebert’s visit to the Tower of London was less than pleasant – but I had a great time!

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