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Coriander Sins

Author’s note: Another in the Language of Flowers series.


I did not think of him

When we stole away the night.

I did not think at all

When I begged for you to take a bite.


Orange lilies, they consumed me,

Hydrangeas, they became me.

I moulded and I snapped

Until I became your perfect posy.


Rolling rivers could not stop

The peeling of my skin

Or the freezing of my blood

As it dried up, pained and thin.


You pulled me farther in

And I did not resist,

Screaming but in love with it,

Guilt smothered our last kiss.


As I lay there changing,

He did lay there dying.

Distraction is an unforgiving beast,

And so I simply laid there sighing.


No I did not think of him,

For I was wrapped in ecstasy.

No I did not think of him,

Because you would not let me.


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