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Decadent Tea Sandwiches

If you want to throw a tea party then you’ve got to have tea sandwiches. Sure, you could buy them, but why not impress your guests by making them yourself!

Here are three different types of tea sandwiches that are super easy to make, super tasty to enjoy, and make you look like a super classy host 😉


Ham, Brie, and Apple:

You will need: sliced smoked deli ham, brie cheese, green apple, a baguette, butter, and Dijon mustard.

Slice up your baguette, green apple, and brie. Spread softened butter and Dijon mustard onto the baguette slices. Fold up a piece of ham and place it on one of the baguette slices, followed by some brie and two apple slices. Nom nom nom away!

Smoked Salmon:

You will need: smoked salmon, a baguette, and herb and garlic cream cheese.

Slice the baguette and spread cream cheese on both slices. Fill with smoked salmon and sandwich together. Easy!

Fig and Camembert:

You will need: fresh fig, Camembert cheese, a baguette, and butter.

Slice the baguette and spread softened butter on both slices. Slice the figs in half and place both halves on one of the baguette slices, followed by some sliced Camembert. Enjoy!

From left to right: fig and Camembert; smoked salmon; then ham, brie, and apple

Make one or all three for your next hosting gig and impress everyone. Feel free to mix up the bread. If you want to see what goodies go perfectly with these, check out my scones recipe and my tips for getting the perfect maracons!

Tea sandwich recipes inspired from here!


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