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Starting a New Job

Sort of, at least. I’m moving into the office of the company I work for, but it’s still only part-time at the moment, so I’ve got to supplement it with my old position as well. It’s exciting though and definitely a step forwards!

But starting a new job, or position, or whatever you want to call it, is nerve-wracking too, for me at least. It means I have to meet a whole bunch of new people, learn the ropes of the office, and be the new kid on the block, all of which makes me a little anxious. Mostly the meeting new people part. I always settle into things eventually, but I have never been great with meeting new people. I kind of just melt into myself. The concept of anything new is intimidating.

But I plan on embracing it! I just have to remind myself that this is a good and necessary step. When in doubt, just breathe. I got this job for a reason, and once I get over my nerves, I know I’ll be really good at it. I’m moving up, one baby step at a time, and it’s a beautiful thing!

I officially start June 7th. Wish me luck everyone!


One thought on “Starting a New Job

  1. Congratulations! It may be nerve wracking, but I think you’re good at succeeding at anything you really go for.


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