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Getting into Smoothies

Lately I’ve been getting into smoothies. Specifically, making smoothies for breakfast. There’s been an endless supply of fruit in my fridge for the past few days and I thought I’d take advantage of it. It’s been a delicious venture so far.

The nicest thing about having a smoothie as my breakfast is not having to think about/make time for breakfast the morning of. I whip up the smoothie the night before, pop it in my fridge overnight, then I can just grab it and go the next morning and drink it on the bus. It’s been really nice. My problem with breakfast was that cereal never filled me up, nor did oatmeal, and I didn’t have time to make anything more substantial. I know what you’re thinking, just get up earlier, but the mornings I’m rushing are the mornings where I already have to get up super early. So a prepared breakfast is nice, and smoothies are one of the few things that last the night, without needing reheating (or being gross when reheated).

Plus, of course, smoothies are delicious. I’ve made myself berry smoothies, strawberry and banana ones, and they have all been yummy-scrumboes. I’ve found a recipe for a green tea blueberry smoothie I really want to try, so I look forward to making that.

I want smoothies that are on the healthy side, yummy tasting, but not complicated to make with a long list of ingredients. Simple is best.

So here’s to indulging in a lot more smoothalicious smoothies!


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