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A Most Curious Thing to See

The other day I was heading to the grocery store to do some shopping when I saw two men throwing each other around. I was approaching, only a mere few feet away, and right outside the doors to the grocery store these men were having a fist fight! Broad daylight, tons of traffic flowing by and they were having at it like it was nobody’s business.

I slowed, not wanting to get too close, my brain still trying to process what was happening. Straight up fisticuffs was what was happening! It’s just about the most intense thing I’ve ever seen in real life. They were right out brawling, practically tossing one another into traffic, then rolling on the sidewalk. One guy was built, the other was scrawny and shirtless. Naturally, the bigger guy was quickly able to pin the scrawny one, lying on top of him with his arms clamped behind his back.

A guy in a pickup truck slammed on his brakes and got out of his car, running towards the two men. The man on top started shouting, “Relax!” to everyone and then he promptly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and proceeded to handcuff the scrawny man he was sitting on.

Wowzers! I just witnessed an undercover cop taking someone down. As I passed them to go into the grocery store, I noticed a large baggie sitting on the sidewalk, filled to stuffing with something. Drug bust! It must have been a drug bust! Pretty crazy.

When I left the grocery store, the uniform cops had arrived in their squad cars, and the scrawny guy was standing against the hood of the car, handcuffed, looking all woeful, while the cops went through his things. They nodded at me as I passed and I scurried along.

So that was a rather exciting trip to the grocery store, if I do say so myself.


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