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My Mini Lush Haul

My obsession with Lush is growing. I always knew I loved the bath bombs, and I’ve grown quite fond of the face wash I’m using from there, and so I decided it was high time to branch out and try some more of their products. I was not disappointed. Good smells, fresh senses, and softness all around are what have greeted my expedition.

I’ll begin with the bath bombs.

Blackberry and Fizzbanger Bath Bombs:


By now, I’ve tried quite a few of the Lush bath bombs, but I still have a lot more to try, there’s so many of these fun bath products! (Including bubble bars, which I haven’t even ventured into yet, but am very excited to do so.) The next two bath bombs on my list to try were Blackberry, on the left, and Fizzbanger, on the right. I’m excited for both.

Fizzbanger, much as its name suggusts, is supposed to make fizzing and popping sounds when it makes contact with water, so I suspect I’ll be in for quite a show when it comes time to use it. I also think it will make for a fantastic colour, as beneath the yellow coating, I’ve spotted a bright baby blue. The girls at Lush often offer to do demonstrations for you of the bath bombs, but as I like to be surprised I don’t usually watch them. Fizzbanger smells deliciously of summer and citrus, and I have no doubt that this will be an aroma easily settled into in the bath, letting it wash over me and sooth to its heart’s content. I’m willing to bet it will leave me skin silky smooth, too, like all the other bath bombs I’ve tried.

Blackberry smells just as good, if not better. It’s a sweet, fruity scent that I wish I could send through the screen to you. Having both bath bombs sitting in an open bag in my room has made my room smell absolutely amazing. I decided to try Blackberry first, and I can honestly say it’s skyrocketed into my top three favourite bath bombs, if not my number one favourite. It gives the water a great smell, leaves your skin feeling amazing, and it colours the water the most beautiful shade of purple. Plus there’s a secret message hidden inside the bath bomb! So cool!



Aqua Marina Face Wash:


I’ve already talked about my face wash in another post so I’ll keep this short. I. Love. This. Stuff. After about a month and a half of using it, it’s noticeably smoothing out and toning my skin. I haven’t broken out since I started using it. Plus it smells like the ocean. That’s a win-win-win for me.


Chou Chou…I Love You Toothy Tabs:


This was an interesting purchase. Lush has a range of what they call Toothy Tabs (toothpaste, in tablet form) and they’re soon going to be replacing the original flavours with brand new ones come August, so I thought I’d better snatch the one that interested me of the old flavours before it had disappeared forever. I loved the idea of brushing my teeth with something other than mint flavouring, and what better alternative than that of rose?! Basically, all you do is nibble up the tab with your front teeth, wet your toothbrush, and then brush away normally. It froths up surprisingly well for such a small tablet and it leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh without the aftertaste of toothpaste lingering in your mouth, which I appreciate very much because now I can drink water after brushing my teeth without it tasting disgusting. I use my Toothy Tabs in the morning for fresh, fun breath and I use regular toothpaste at night to ensure my teeth are still getting the necessary cleaning of fluoride (which is absent from the tabs).


Sunny Day Anti Static Hair Detangler:


Sunny Day is my fight back against frizzy hair. I’ve definitely started to notice a difference on the days when I use it. When I use it, by the end of the day my hair is far less wild than it would be otherwise. Not to mention the smell. Oh the smell! Lush creates the absolute best smells. The violet and honey fragrance of this hair spray leaves my hair smelling amazing all day. It’s becoming a top favourite smell with me. I find the spray works best when I shake the bottle, spritz it into my hand, then smooth it through my hair. I’ll do a spritz for the top and then a spritz or two for the rest of my hair. Running my hands through my hair like this is just a journey of softness and good smells. It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or greasy like other hair products sometimes do, and that’s great too.


Bubblegum Lip Scrub:


I’m never going to leave the house without this from now on. It is the new must-have for my purse. This bubblegum lip scrub is an exfoliant for your lips that is quite literally delicious! The instructions are to rub onto your lips and then to lick off the excess! A lip product that encourages me to consume it, ummmm, yes please! It has been softening out my lips since day one. Even when my lips get dry, they’re still noticeably softer to the touch. This, used with a good lip balm, and you’ll have the lips of a goddess in no time. I love the way it makes your lips sort of tingle after using it, a pleasant tingle that makes you want to grin and jump for joy over your softening lips. This may be my new favourite thing ever.


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