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Jetting off to Israel

Several years ago now, I got to go on a trip to Israel. It was an amazing experience, and Israel is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before (or since). So my next set of travel posts will be about all the adventures I got to have there. From scorpion hunting to bobbing in the Dead Sea to my toe practically exploding on me, it was never a dull moment (spoiler, my toe is fine, but in the moment, it was not happy).

I’m super excited to relive these moments with you guys, because I haven’t thought about the details of this trip in a while, and I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve practically forgotten about. It’ll be a blast from the past for sure! I went to Israel the summer before going into grade 11, so that would have made it…2009. Holy! 2009! That’s crazy! That feels like a billion years ago. This is going to be excellent to relive this. And it was back in the awkward years for me, so I bet there’s going to be a lot of awkward teen moments, aww yiss.

I went to Israel as a program with my summer camp. After you finish your last year of being a camper at camp, you have the option of doing MBI the following summer, which is a month-long trip to Israel, not only with your group from your camp but also with all the people in the same year as you from all our sister camps across North America. It was an excellent opportunity I wouldn’t dare pass up, and despite there being a little drama from my friend group at camp (I told you there would be awkward teen moments), I was still really excited to be doing this trip.

Getting to Israel in the first place was already an event and a half. We were supposed to arrive in Tel Aviv from Vancouver, connecting through Atlanta, Georgia. If anything can be the blame for my paranoia about making connections, it can be this trip.

Our flight from Vancouver was delayed by a few hours and subsequently, we just missed – literally just missed it by two seconds – our flight out of Atlanta. We therefore had to spend the night in Atlanta. It was awful. We were stuck in the airport until around two or three in the morning; I remember we were lying on one of the luggage dispensers. The next flight out to Tel Aviv wasn’t until exactly 24 hours after the one we missed, so we had a lot of time to kill with no where to go. We were eventually put up in a hotel for what little was left in the night, and given food vouchers to the Waffle House, which I’m sorry, was disgusting. There were roaches in the bathroom and grease everywhere. I never want to go back to Atlanta ever again, I’m sorry to say.

But at last, we made it to Israel, and from there everything got a lot hotter, and a whole lot better.

So join me on my adventures to Israel, why don’t you?


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