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The Awkwardness of Keeping a Journal

I’ve kept a journal of sorts on and off ever since I could write (although I’m currently going through a rather long off period which I should really try to end soon). The most awkward, and hilarious, thing about keeping journals is getting to read them back years later. Oh man, you say the funniest, most ridiculous things to yourself.

It’s great to see a snapshot of your life as your lived it at, say, five. It’s funny, it’s cringy, it’s oh-my-goodness-what-was-I-thinking.

And because I’m such a nice person, I’m going to share some of those oh-so-cringy moments with you.

Here’s an entry from May 22, 2004, which means I would have been 11 at the time. My journal was bright pink and sparkly and it came with a lock. Aw yiss. I’ll even include all my awful spelling and grammar mistakes (for shame, future me, the English major!)

Dear Diary, the time now is 8:52pm acording to my clock. A lot has changed since I last wrote to you. Like I got a clock. My clock is blue and it’s an alarm clock. Its set to 7:30 AM but of coase I dont have it on during the weekends.

Oddly enough I still have that alarm clock. I don’t use it anymore though.

In another entry, dated the next day, I talk about boys (oooo). This part made me laugh really hard:

In my class there is another boy named Luc and as you can see it’s spelled differently. He sits at my table and he’s so annoying! He asked me so many questions like in math class he asked me “how do you this?” And a whole lot of other questions. He always asks me nobody else, it’s so annoying! I think he does it cuz he’s got a crush on me but I hate him!

Lolzzzz, but wait, it gets better. The very next entry in the journal, dated February 8, 2006 is this:

Now I like him 😉 But I won’t tell anyone because, bla bla bla, yadda, yadda yadda. I sound like a little kid which can’t be good ’cause I’m 13 next month.

Ahahahaha. Oh me. So ridiculous. I love it.

Who else has laughed at journal entries done by their younger selves?


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