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I Wish I could Draw

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I wish I could draw.

I can see things so clearly in my head, but as soon as I put a hand to paper, everything just comes out all sloppy. It would be such a cool talent to have. I could decorate my room with awesome sketches and paintings, of anything I wanted. I wouldn’t have to find a picture of something, I could just draw it to my heart’s content.

An endless imagination is the first step, but turning that imagination into reality is a whole different matter. But I suppose that’s what I have writing for. I can’t draw, but at least I can write decently well (at least I hope so), and bring things to life like that. Sometimes I think it would be helpful to me in my writing if I could draw out the things I was thinking of – characters, places, what have you. To get to see what I was imagining, visually, on a piece of paper. I guess I’ll just have to content myself with seeing it in my mind.

I can content myself with colouring as well. I may not be the best at drawing, but I can colour my hand off, and that’s almost as good (almost). It’d still be nice to have my own images to colour.

But everyone’s got something, you know, and I guess I like my somethings pretty darn well, even if it isn’t drawing.


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