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I Wish I Was a Disney Princess

Legitimately though, I wish I was a Disney princess. A real Disney princess, but also just someone who works in Disneyland or Disneyworld as a Disney princess. I’m sure that job comes with its many problems, but oh man, how amazing would that be? Getting to put on the pretty dress and act all Disney princess-y. It would be so much fun.

I’d most want to be Belle, because she’s my favourite. I would also settle for playing Snow White, because, although she’s my least favourite and I actually loathe her for many reasons, she’d probably be a lot of fun to play, prancing around and whatnot. Oh, to be a Disney princess, even for a day, it would be a dream come true.

My love for all things Disney and fairy tales stems from the nostalgia of childhood, and many things that I obsess over now that I’m older have a lot to do with my early onset adoration of fairy tales. My fascination with castles, for example, and European history no doubt began when something clicked in me the first time I ever saw Sleeping Beauty. Aurora was my favourite Disney princess when I was little, and her movie captivated such awe over me – magic and good vs. evil and fairy godmothers and handsome princes and beautiful princesses and castles – these were stories but they were also real in a way, if not in our world but in another, older world. Beauty and the Beast continued this fascination, and I can’t express how much that story means to me, how much all of the stories mean to me, whether they’re the Disney versions or the real, more gruesome, versions.

I’m terrified for the release of the live-action for Beauty and the Beast. This is one Disney bandwagon that I can’t seem to jump on – please stop stomping all over my childhood by recreating these stories. The magic feels less real when it’s put into live-action, if that makes any sense. I find when fairy tales are done live, the way they do costuming and colouring and all that makes it so over the top and too much, that it just looks like a bunch of people playacting, and the story is nothing more than that, a story. It feels fake. In terms of fairy tales, animation makes it more believable. Not to mention, the entire time I watch this new version of Beauty and the Beast, I’m only ever going to be seeing Hermione Granger, and Hermione Granger can’t be Belle. Like I said, I’m terrified my favourite fairy tale is about to be ruined for me – even if I don’t watch it, it will still be ruined because it exists in the world, this other version of the story.

But that’s just being melancholy. Maybe everything else will be so fantastic, that it won’t matter that Hermione Granger is falling in love with the Beast (even though that is wrong, so so wrong, on so many levels).

My point is, I’m very much invested in fairy tales, and my life, in a weird way, revolves around them. I believe in love, and the magic that’s created from that, and that’s because of growing up with fairy tales and Disney princesses. So to be a Disney princess would be a dream come true, and anyone who gets the chance to be a Disney princess needs to relish in the moment and do it justice – for all little girls out there who still believe in magic and wishing and doing everything in your power to make your own destiny – and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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