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Israel Day 13: Seeing the Wailing Wall

Jerusalem was by far my favourite city to see during my trip to Israel, and a highlight of the day was standing before the Wailing Wall. To stand before something so ancient, that has so much history and significance is pretty awe-inspiring, and it’s certainly not something I ever thought I’d see.

Jerusalem is a really neat city to walk through, and unlike any city I had seen up to that point in my life. Everywhere you look it seems like you’re looking at something that’s incredibly old; it was like being in a whole other world.


Going into the area of the temple was like stepping back in time. It will never cease to amaze me that things like this still exist today; that they haven’t crumbled to the ground yet or otherwise been destroyed.


When I stepped in front of the Wailing Wall, I had to take a moment. Although I myself am not religious, I still felt pretty struck being in its presence. I looked at it in silence, marveled at the fact that this was what I was looking at, and watched as all the people stood before the Wall praying and folding notes into its crevices.



I had no thoughts of my own to put into the Wall, so I left no note behind, no prayer, no wish, but I wish that I had, because I think this would have been the one place that I would have liked to have left a little piece of myself behind in.

Jerusalem was an experience completely its own. I hope to someday return; I’ll join my fellow comrades in saying “Next year in Jerusalem!” and wait until that year comes.


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