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Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us Canadians, and I for one am super stoked. I love Thanksgiving, mostly because there is so much good food to eat. I’m even more pumped this year because this will be my first real Thanksgiving in three years – the past two years I’ve been working (and eating leftovers just isn’t the same) and three years ago I was in France, where Thanksgiving isn’t really a thing. This year I get to have two Thanksgiving meals, one with my family and one with my boyfriend’s family, so I’d say that makes up pretty well for the past three years. Two days in a row of fabulous food – that’s one thing to be thankful for alright. But that’s not the only thing I’m thankful for; I’ve got a whole list! Here are the top ten things I’m thankful for, in no particular order.

I’m thankful to have a regular work schedule, even if it’s only going to be regular for the next month.

I’m thankful to have such an amazing boyfriend.

I’m thankful for three day weekends.

I’m thankful for the days I get to read in bed.

I’m thankful for Vanilla Chai tea (the best tea I’ve ever had; I never want to stop drinking it.)

I’m thankful for sleep – oh sleep, you sweet sweet beauty.

I’m thankful I finally found a pair of long boots to replace my deteriorating ones (they were surprisingly hard to find this year).

I’m thankful for the full-page colouring book I found that has kept me entertained for hours on end.

I’ll be thankful for the end of this month, and with it all my deadlines for work.

I’m thankful I was able to finish writing my second novel!

Sure, anyone could complain, but it’s just so much nicer to be thankful.

Let’s go eat some turkey!

Gobble gobble.


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