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My Travel Wish List

I’ve been pretty lucky in my travel adventures – I’ve gotten to go to a lot of places I’ve long dreamed of visiting, and I’ve been wowed by places I never thought I’d end up. But there are still a lot of places in this world I’d like to go and see.


Ireland is pretty high up on my list. It looks gorgeous and I would love to go and see the castles there. There’s no particular city I want to see most; I don’t know enough about any city in particular to feel the need to go there first. I’d probably end up in Dublin, but hopefully be able to branch out into the countryside and do more exploring throughout Ireland, as a whole. I’d definitely have to do my research first, but such is the case anywhere you go, or should be, I feel. But it definitely tops my list as a place I’d really like to visit and experience.


Again, castles are my main pull here. Much like Ireland, there’s no city in particular I’m drawn to first, just the country as a whole. I’d love to be able to trek through the countryside and see everything there is to offer. Maybe make a stop at Loch Ness. There’s a lot of history in Scotland that interests me, so it would be enough to stand in a place where that history happened, much like my experiences in England and France.


Another country I’d love to visit. I’ve watched other travelogues of peoples’ trips to Croatia and it looks like a lot of fun and really pretty. There was a place, I think it was called the Blue Lagoon, or something like that (I think that’s wrong) that looked absolutely gorgeous and I would love to go swimming in it. Croatia, for sure, is high on my list, as a place to have a more relaxing vacation. Plus I really like the idea of going somewhere on the warmer side.


Speaking of being on the warmer side – going to Australia would be a dream come true. Seeing the beaches, the wildlife, the outback, all that good stuff. I want to see the Great Barrier Reef before it gets any worse. I want to explore Sydney. I want to be surrounded by Australian accents. I want to bask in the sun (sounds extra amazing right now as I sit in my freezing cold house, shivering to death because our furnace is broken). I want to see a koala.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively new addition to my list. Again, watching others’ travelogues has enticed me to this country. It looks like there a lot of really cool things to see and do there. I know very little, other than knowing it looks like a place I hope to someday reach.


The only city-specific place currently on my list, Copenhagen has been on my mind a fair amount recently. I regret not adding it to my Europe tour, and I really hope I get the chance to make another round and include it in that one. I’m not quite sure what sparked my interest in this city. I want to say The Little Mermaid, even though that story has nothing to do with Copenhagen beyond its author being Danish. The city has the mermaid statue, which I’d be curious to see, even though I don’t even think the two are related – but in Vancouver we have a very similar statue, which I have a feeling was inspired by the Copenhagen original. Regardless, I think it looks a very interesting city to go and see.


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