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I Miss Europe

I really, really, really miss Europe. I miss travelling. I miss the freedom, and the joy, the adventure. I haven’t gone anywhere since coming back from Europe, save for a weekend trip over to Victoria back in February, and the travel bug is really starting to bite at me. I want to go somewhere! I’d take pretty much anywhere, but my list from last week covers the places I’d most like to see.

This week was my anniversary, and I surprised my boyfriend with plane tickets – or I suppose I should say faux tickets. I drew up a plane ticket and left the destination as a question mark, telling him that I would be buying us plane tickets to wherever we wanted to go most, so we could finally jet off on another adventure together. We’ll decide on a place to go together, and when to go, although I’m hoping for a late April/early May trip, as I’ve found that’s a really good time to travel as it’s starting to warm up but it’s still before summer hits and the majority of tourists come out to play.

I cannot wait to start planning this trip, and I really cannot wait to go on this trip with him. Stay tuned for our decision – I’ll let you know as soon as we figure it out!


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