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Snow? Snow!

Despite the fact that I live in Canada, rarely does it actually snow in my city, and when it does snow, it’s usually pretty light and it always rains the next day and washes everything away into a slushy mess. This is why I have made the claim, in the past, that I am not a huge fan of snow. It slows things down, makes a mess, gets everywhere, and because it is so rare where I live, no one knows how to deal with it and so all of those points get ten times worse. But this year it’s different! It has snowed, not once, not twice, but three times! And it’s stuck! That’s pretty amazing.20161209_220504.jpg

Looking around and actually being able to see legitimate snow everywhere is pretty nice, and I can understand more why people love snow so much. It’s quite pretty when it’s not brown slush. Of course, we Vancouverites still don’t know how to deal with snow, so things have still been slowed down here and there, but I feel like it could be much worse.

It’s currently snowing right now. It really does look like a winter wonderland out there, and I love it. There was a fresh coat of snow this morning, and as I headed to work at seven AM, I enjoyed being one of the first people to trek through it. It was mighty slippery though, as it was covering up the old hard snow/ice from the previous snowfall of a couple of weeks ago.


One thing I do appreciate about snow is that it actually makes things warmer. I didn’t feel like I was freezing to death waiting for my bus. I also like that it never seems to get all that dark when there’s snow, and there’s a really nice sort of silence in the air, like everything’s a bit muffled, but in a pleasant way.

I was sick during the first snowfall, so I didn’t really get to go out and have any fun with it, so I’m hoping I’ll have some time to do that this time around.

Anyone else want to build a snowman?


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