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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

I’ve officially started on my third novel, and I must say, it’s really nice getting back into the writing routine. It’s comforting, even if it does take up a lot of time. It’s a good take-up of time.

The writing’s been slow to start, but it’s going well I think. It is a pleasure to be writing again, as much as it is mind-consuming. It is myself in my natural state, as my boyfriend puts it.

I was worried about this story – all I had was a basic concept, a very basic concept where all I really knew was the specific thing I wanted to write about but beyond that no actual story. But now I do have a story, as full a fledged story as I’d ever have at this stage in writing it. I know the main events and that’s the start of it all. Everything else, the small details, the extra bits, they’ll come in as I go. That’s what’s beautiful about this process. Once your imagination gets going, it really can go anywhere.

I find my inspiration many places. A novel I’m currently reading. A short story I was taught about in school some years ago. A video game that blew my mind and still continues to blow it every time I watch it (that’s right – watch. I am a watcher of video games more than a player most of the time). What was initially thought up by someone else gets entangled into my own mind until it has morphed into a brand new being, combined with other thoughts, my creation now and I can’t wait to let it out. A blind girl who’s tried to scratch her eyes out because she can still see the demons swarming down on her. Masks that bring death and can never be destroyed. A monster, a creature formed of darkness, sniffing out its prey. Every one a character, an idea, that I hope to someday bring to life.

Inspiration, imagination, writing – a trio of perfection, followed by a sigh of appreciation. Yup, sounds pretty natural to me.


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