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Go Away Winter!

I may have been excited to see snow when it first appeared, but that was weeks and weeks ago and I quickly grew tired with it. I was tired of needing to watch where I stepped, tired of the freezing cold, tired of being made late because of the snow. So thank goodness, it’s finally disappearing!

In true Vancouver fashion, a couple of days of relentless rain and most traces of the snowfall have been washed away completely. There are still a couple of clumps here and there, where the biggest pileups had been, but the sidewalks and roads have at last been cleared out.

Not that the rain is any less tiring. The first day it rained, it was only enough to wash away the upper layer of hardened snow. Left behind was the treacherous under layer of pure ice. Going to work in the morning, I quite literally had to skate, very very carefully, out of my alleyway. Luckily, with the second day of rain, the ice too was washed away.

It’s warmed up enough now that the falling precipitation we get is just rain, and hopefully it will stay like that (although the ideal case would, of course, be for it not to rain either), but man, am I happy to be able to say goodbye at last to the snow, hopefully for good this winter.

I am so sick of winter. I can’t wait for spring. Give me sunshine, give me flowers, give me warm weather! Springtime is the best time of year, and it could not come any sooner. So let’s be done with dreary January, grey February, and dull March! Let’s move onto spring! I am so ready for you.


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