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A Page a Day…

…keeps the writer’s block away? It certainly seems to at times at least.

When I’m writing, I make it my goal to write at least a page a day. It may not seem like a lot, but even having that small goal in mind really helps to speed the process along.

As I’m only human, my creative juices aren’t always flowing. Except for those rare, beautiful moments of pure writing bliss where the words flow endlessly and perfectly, it can be rather hard to get the writing train moving sometimes. That’s where the page-a-day mindset really starts to help.

Before I committed to this goal, it was easy to settle into writing only to give up maybe 15 minutes in when nothing was really coming out of me. I would struggle through a paragraph or two, and then stop, telling  myself, well I’m obviously not feeling it today. Getting started is always the hardest part, but I’ve found that once you push through the initial hurtle, most days the writing comes a lot more easily. So, in telling myself I want to aim for at least a page a day, I’ve given myself a commitment to at least that, and not one to give up on commitments so easily, I can push through the first paragraph or so of difficulty to get through to when things start clicking better.

It’s a method I’ve found has worked really well for me, and many days, once I’ve pulled myself through the initial block by saying, just a page, one page is all you need to get through, I end up flying through more than a page. Of course, not always, sometimes it’s a struggle through the whole page, but the point is that I’m still making consistent progress, however slow it may be sometimes.

That’s how I wrote my last novel, and it’s how I intend to get through this one as well. The last one took me about seven months to finish, complete at 332 pages, and so I’m hoping I’ll manage to have this one finished in about the same time, aiming for July as my finish date. That way I can return to the previous novel to begin my editing and revision work on it before the year is up.

I plan on evolving my process a little bit this time around. I’m sticking to the page-a-day method, but I would like to aim for about 5 pages on days I have completely free. One page per weekday is a good amount, in that I still get something done without it taking up the entirety of my evening after I’ve come home from work, and then 5 pages for those rare days where I have little else to do besides write I think will be good too. So I’ll see how that goes.

What’s your method behind your writing?


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