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Snowing, AGAIN

Well, it’s snowing again. This has been the most unusual winter. Despite the snow though, it’s still warmer than it was in Alberta when I was there. It’s definitely pretty out there, but I’m still pretty fed up with the winter weather. What happened to the groundhog declaring it’d be an early spring this year?

Luckily I don’t have to go out much over the next couple of days, and so hopefully by the time I do it won’t be so bad out there. I just don’t want to get stuck anywhere.

Several people in my family have been sick and I really don’t want to catch it. I always get sick at the most inconvenient times (Valentine’s is coming up, so of coursssssee I’m going to get sick now). I feel a bit of a scratch at the back of my throat and I’m hoping it won’t escalate to anything beyond that, that it’s just a residual affect from travelling so much this past week and finally crashing into a state of utter tiredness.

At this point I can’t even think, I’m so tired, so I’m going to have to call it quits here.



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