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Nothing Like a Good Brow

Good brow maintenance is a key part of my overall look, and nothing quite steps up your brow game like a brow product. Check out why I love Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil so much.

I don’t actually go to anyone professional to get my eyebrows done – once in a blue moon I’ll do this if the shape ever goes a bit whacky – for the most part, I take care of my brows myself. I have them in the shape I want, and it’s just a matter of plucking them every few days to maintain that shape.

But then the problem becomes my eyebrows not growing in the exact spaces I want them, and that’s where the brow product comes in.

My brows are fine without any product. If I’m having a lazy day, no one’s going to look at me and think, geez that chick has weird eyebrows. But if I really want my brows to pop, then I’ve found the perfect thing to do it.

Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil is an absolute beauty when it comes to brow products. It’s so easy to use that even a make-up nonexpert like me can get it right. And I’ve gotta say, it really does step up my brow game by like 100. It fills in those few missing patches and smooths everything out, giving you the perfect tailored brow. I love it.


It comes with the brow pencil on one end to fill in your brows and a brush on the other end to blend your work, giving you that natural brow. The pencil tip is a twist-up, which means no sharpening required (yessss), and it’s got a diamond-teardrop shape, giving you the ability to both fill and define. Perf!


Plus it comes in super cute packaging – hello ladies!


Just like the product claims, it really is super easy to use, and it may just be my new favourite thing.



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