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100 Pages!

I’ve finally reached 100 pages in the current novel I’m writing! It’s been a long haul, most of it feel like quite the unfortunate struggle, but I’m finally there! Obviously, there’s still a long ways to go, no doubt full of more struggle and writer’s block, but 100 pages is always an exciting milestone.

Reaching 100 pages in your writing is one of the most satisfying things, I think, a writer can achieve, save for actually finishing and then publishing that novel. It tells me that I’ve made it this far, I can finish the rest. Even without it being the halfway point, reaching 100 pages is a sound number to tell you that you’re actually getting somewhere. It’s very encouraging.

Hopefully the next 100 pages will fly by, and I’ll get this novel finished feeling better about it then I currently am. The latter half of this novel I plotted out better than the beginning, definitely, and so I’m really excited about getting into the parts of this story that were the whole reason for writing the story in the first place.

100 pages, woohooooo! Time to celebrate!


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