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Leaving for Scotland Soon!

I’m only a couple of days away from my vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I could not be more excited. We know what we’re doing for the first few days, and then we’ll wing it from there. It’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere, so I’m happy simply to be leaving home and exploring a new place, but the fact that I’m going back to Europe really takes the cake.

Europe is one of my all-time favourite places, and definitely my number 1 continent for my go-to bucket list, so being able to go back for a third time, I feel very, very lucky, and now I get to go somewhere I’ve never been before with my favourite person in the world.

We’re going away for two weeks, and while I’ll have plenty of stories to tell you guys when I get back, I won’t be making any posts while I’m away, so please excuse the lull in my posting. I’ll be back on May 5th, so expect my first travel post after then.

Until then, I’m signing off! See you guys when I get back!



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