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Exploring Stirling Castle – Edinburgh Day 7

After a week in Scotland, we left Edinburgh for the day to head over to Stirling and visit the astounding Stirling Castle. About an hour’s train ride away, it was nice to relax on the train and watch the Scottish countryside go by while we were brought to our next destination of adventure. And what an adventure Stirling Castle was! Probably one of my favourite days of the trip, we spent all day in Stirling exploring every nook and cranny the castle held.

Stirling is just the kind of castle I came to see. Both royal palace and medieval fortress, there was lots to see and explore. The day left me happy and smiley, like I could skip everywhere, which I very nearly did.

Let our adventures at Stirling unfold.

EDB7 025

We began with a short guided tour just to get our bearings, and then we started exploring for ourselves. We began with the outer walls and worked our way in.

EDB7 037

Walking along the walls, you’re met with stunning views all around.

EDB7 018

EDB7 027
The Walter Wallace Monument, off in the foggy distance

EDB7 080EDB7 100EDB7 134EDB7 191EDB7 236


The palace was lined with lots of statues and eavesdroppers – over 250 of them in fact.

EDB7 031

EDB7 034
The lion and the unicorn – for England and Scotland

EDB7 036EDB7 057

EDB7 060
King James VI being crowned by the lion – by England

EDB7 063EDB7 064EDB7 065EDB7 066EDB7 067EDB7 202

EDB7 209
The Devil – to scare away potential invaders
EDB7 228
These two were some of my favourites – they signify the joining of Scotland and England, with the marriage between Margaret Tudor (represented by the rose of the Tudors) and James IV (represented by the thistle of the Scots)

Beyond the never-ending statues, the exterior of the castle was quite impressive.

EDB7 023

EDB7 029
The outside of the Great Hall
EDB7 069
Connecting the Great Hall to the Royal Palace
EDB7 092
The Royal Palace

EDB7 093EDB7 096

EDB7 118
The North Gate, the oldest surviving part of the castle, dating back to 1381

EDB7 243

The interior was just as impressive, from the Great Hall…

EDB7 043EDB7 044

EDB7 053
Replicas of the thrones

EDB7 054

EDB7 140
Where the king and queen would stand and look over those gathered in the Great Hall

… to the Royal Palace…

EDB7 142EDB7 148

EDB7 150
The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland

EDB7 152EDB7 153EDB7 156EDB7 163

EDB7 167
Replicas of the tapestries in the The Hunt of the Unicorn, a series of 7 (you can see the originals in the tapestry studio, where they’re restoring them)

EDB7 174EDB7 179EDB7 182

… to everything else.

EDB7 102
Down in the kitchens, a whole other world exists

EDB7 194

EDB7 094
The key to the castle, dating to the 19th century, and bigger than my hand
EDB7 222
The padlock to go with the key

EDB7 220

EDB7 203
The Stirling Heads Gallery

EDB7 206

It was a fantastic visit to a fantastic castle. But our visit to Stirling didn’t end at the castle. We went to the Argyle House, which dates to at least the 16th century, as well as the Church of the Holy Rude, the oldest medieval castle in the United Kingdom, along with Westminster, still in operation today. Both were very cool to see, and a great way to end the day.

EDB7 261
Inside the Argyle House
EDB7 263
Inside the Argyle House
EDB7 251
Approaching the Church of the Holy Rude

EDB7 275EDB7 282EDB7 284EDB7 286


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