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Exploring Ruins: Craigmillar Castle – Edinburgh Day 9

It was our last day in Scotland and I was incredibly sad about having to leave, but my spirits were infinitely cheered by the fact that we would also be visiting our last castle of the trip: Craigmillar Castle.

We had a nice snooze in, and then went for brunch. Afterwards, we hopped on a double decker bus and got the best seat in the house (top floor, front and center, huge window for a great view), and were driven to Craigmillar Castle. Well, sorta. We had to walk a bit to actually reach the castle, partially on a very narrow countryside road that gave me flashbacks to my journey to Hever Castle in England (eventually we discovered that there was actually a path beside the road, that wasn’t visible in the beginning through the growth, and once we switched over to that, our journey became much less harrowing.)

We arrived at the castle at last and we immediately began exploring. Craigmillar is the ruins of a 15th century castle, and you can go pretty much everywhere through it, which we of course did. Up and down tight spiral staircases, through many doors, down lots of passages and twists and turns, from the cellar/prisons to the very tippy top. It was awesome.

EDB9 002
Our first view of the castle

EDB9 017EDB9 029EDB9 039EDB9 042EDB9 044EDB9 050

EDB9 055
I love me a good spiral staircase – walking up and down these, I can definitely see why they were used as thief-deterrents; I can’t imagine trying to run up those things in the dark
EDB9 066
Gnomebert enjoyed exploring too

EDB9 075EDB9 082EDB9 084EDB9 085

We took the same bus back, did some last-minute shopping, and then headed to our last meal in Scotland. It was, I think, the best meal we had the whole trip. I had a delicious chicken, chorizo, and cider pie with mash, and an elderflower cider to drink, also delicious. The place was called The Mitre Bar, and it’s on the Royal Mile, and I highly recommend it to anyone going to Edinburgh.

Our trip to Scotland was amazing. I was so happy to be going to a place I’ve long wanted to go, and even happier to get to experience it with the love of my life. I can’t wait to see where our next adventure will bring us.


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