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Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner – in fact, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually next Tuesday! October has flown by! I’m not really doing anything for Halloween this year, which means I won’t be dressing up, which is a bit of a shame, as I do love me a good dress up! So I figured, why not share some of my ideas with you guys? If anyone’s at a loss for what to go as this year for Halloween, look no further!A lot of these are things I’d like to eventually go as, some year when I find an excuse to do so, some of these are things I’ve been in the past, and others I’ve just seen around but wouldn’t have the guts to wear myself. Regardless, I love all of these ideas.

There are a lot of couples’ costume ideas I’m itching to try, so let’s start with those.

Harley Quinn and the Joker

Classic, and super easy to find costumes for, especially Harley’s, as you can get any sort of red-and-white harlequin outfit and it’ll work. I mention this first, because my boyfriend and I did this a few years ago and we looked amaze-balls. Plus the make-up is a lot of fun to do, for either of these guys. Some Harley inspiration here and here. Here’s a pretty classic Joker. Almost all our pictures turned out blurry, which sucks, so I don’t have anything of my own to show you unfortunately.

Sally and Jack Skellington

So cute! I really want to do this one because I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Jack and Sally are adorable! Look how cute Sally is, and her proud Jack. Here’s a more simpler way of doing Jack.

Pin Up Girl and Greaser

This one was actually my boyfriend’s idea, and I love it. There are so many different ways you can go with this one, from super dirty and sexy, to sweet and bad. Along these same lines, you could go sailor girl and Navy boy, or a more traditional route like Danny and Sandy from Grease (you could be innocent Sandy in her poodle skirt, or sexy Sandy in her leather catsuit).

Daphne Blake and Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo)

Back to adorable! A super cute couple costume that will pull at all the nostalgia strings in the room. These costumes would probably be pretty easy to do yourself too, instead of having to buy an expensive store costume. You can even push it one step further by getting a whole group of you together and going as the whole Mystery Gang!

Which leads me to my next costume section – group costumes!

Crayola Crayons

My friends and I did this years ago for a costume party, and it was an absolute hit! We were the cutest group there, and absolutely everyone we bumped into gushed and squealed about our costumes. They do actually have store costumes for this, but we made our own costumes, and it was really easy, and super cheap – we bought everything we needed from the dollar store. We got poster board paper in all the colours (I was, of course, the pink crayon), a black sharpie to draw on the squiggles and write Crayola and our colour on it, and miniature traffic cones along with some paint and string. We painted the cones the right colour and attached them to our heads with the string. They actually made really sturdy hats.

Jonquiere 378
Hand-made, but so so cute!

Chanel and the Chanels (Scream Queens)

I recently binge-watched both seasons of Scream Queens (which is an absolutely hilarious show; if you haven’t already seen it, definitely check it out, it’s on Netflix), and I thought not only would it be incredibly fun to dress as the Chanels, but even more fun to personify them for the evening. Screaming at everything, running away from the Red Devil and Green Meanie, it would be a blast. Plus, there’s always room for Chanel to have her Chad Radwell.

Finally, there’s individual costumes.

Jessica Rabbit

Can you say va-va-voom?! The hopelessly inappropriate cartoon character that so should not have been seen by as many children as she was, Jessica Rabbit is sexiness to the max. Much like the Chanels, this seems like it would be a great character to spend the evening as.


My mother always said that if there was one Disney character I personified, it was Tinkerbell, and I’ve chosen to embrace that rather than be offended by it, because, let’s be honest, Tinkerbell is bad-ass and she gets things done (I’m talking original Tinkerbell, grumpy, sassy, beautiful Tinkerbell, not the boring thing they’ve turned her into these days). OG Tinker ain’t got time for no Wendy, and she only has eyes for Peter. Get some inspiration for this wonderful fairy here.


My love for pirates goes way back, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pirate costume. There’s the more traditional pirate, or something more specific. Either way, you’ll be a knock-out, and the guys will be falling head over heals to cross cutlasses with you. Go pirates!


Whatever you decide to go as for Halloween, I hope you have the best time, and love your costume. Eat lots of candy, have a few scares, and enjoy the spookiest time of year! Happy Halloween!


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