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Trying Another Lush Face Mask

I had enough pots to get another free face mask from Lush, so I headed out and got me something new! This one is called BB Seaweed, and it’s similar to the seaweed face wash I use, Aqua Marina.


Much like the label claims, the seaweed and aloe vera from this mask have most certainly been soothing on my skin. Like all face products I’ve tried from Lush, this mask leaves me feeling fresh and clean and cleansed. So it definitely does its job.

However, as far as their face masks go, I wouldn’t say this is my favourite one. I knew when I tried Rosy Cheeks that it would be hard to top, and I was right. This one pales in comparison (get it, because it’s white? Ba-da-dum. No, ignore me) on almost all other concepts beyond its actual function.

While I think the end result is the same, in regards to what it does for my skin, BB Seaweed just isn’t as “me” as Rosy Cheeks was. The smell, while still nice, isn’t one of my favourites (certainly it ain’t no delicious rose scent), and I find the application of this mask to be a bit tricky. I find it doesn’t always apply as smoothly as I would like it, and if you take even a fraction of a second too long in applying it, it warms to your hand and then just scrapes off on your fingers instead of staying put on your face (not ideal in a face mask). The chunks of seaweed don’t help in this aspect either.

Once you do manage to get it on as much as you can, evenly across the skin, you leave the mask on for 15 minutes. This part is fine. It doesn’t feel itchy or chalky like you might first think it would due to the scratchiness/stiffness of the seaweed, so props for that. You’ll have to refrain from laughing though, something which I always seem to have trouble with at the most inconvenient times. But, really, in what face mask is it easy to laugh?

Taking off the face mask is kind of the same effect as putting it on – more difficult than I would like it to be. You’re meant to massage the face mask into your skin as you wash it off with warm water, something which is apparently easier said than done. Again, I think it’s the chunks of seaweed that are at fault here. While the seaweed in the Aqua Marina face wash is often smooth and flexible, BB’s seaweed is chunky and hard, and once it decides it wants to stick to your skin, it sticks to your skin! I think this face mask takes the longest to get off out of the ones I’ve tried, and if you’re not looking in the mirror when you scrape a piece of seaweed off with your nail, it almost has the effect of feeling like you’ve just peeled a scab off – painless, but still a little unnerving.

Like I said at the beginning though, you can’t argue with the results. This face mask leaves your skin feeling innncrediblllly soft and smooth, and my skin tone always appears brighter right after rinsing it all off. It seems to be keeping breakouts at bay as well, so that’s definitely a huge plus.

All in all, in a pinch I’d get BB Seaweed again and I wouldn’t be upset about it, but if I had the choice between it and Rosy Cheeks, I’d always choose Rosy Cheeks. For approximately the same results, I may as well get the mask whose smell and feel are to die for.

Go ahead and try it for yourself, and see what you think of it. While it’s not my favourite, it’s still a solid product. I don’t really think you can go wrong with a Lush fresh face mask, so go and get your experiment on! Remember to take advantage of their recycling program – bring back 5 clean Lush pots and get a free face mask (I mean, if you’re buying their stuff anyways, am I right?). I’ve yet to pay for a single face mask, and I’m loving it.


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