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It Snowed Over the Weekend(!!)

Not a lot. Not enough to stick to the ground. But there was snow in the air! That is crazy! Practically unheard of where I’m from. November 4th – probably the earliest snowfall I can ever remember. No, definitely the earliest snowfall I can ever remember. And we don’t usually get snow at all!

Last year, with a pretty crazy snowfall, was an anomaly for us – although, evidently not that much of an anomaly anymore, as we’re supposed to get another crazy winter this year as well, and with snow coming this early, even so little as it was, I’m starting to believe it. There was definitely a severe temperature drop from as late as Wednesday this week to Saturday when the snow came. I was able to go out on Wednesday in a light autumn coat and I was pretty content. It was bright and sunny, a real nice fall kind of day. With Thursday came a downpour to end all downpours, and by the time Friday hit, I was leaving my house in my heavy winter coat. And I have a feeling I will be donning my heavy winter coat from now until Spring time.

Saturday morning brought the snowfall, and it actually managed to last for most of the day, even if none of it stuck to the ground. While the air had cooled drastically, enough to produce snow rather than rain, the ground was still relatively warm, so anything that hit it disappeared immediately.

It’s meant to get warmer again this coming week, but I think regardless, we’ve pretty much hit the point of no return – winter is coming; in fact, it’s upon us. Brace yourselves, people, it’s going to be a cold one!

Now that’s a sight I never thought I’d see – snow on a jack-o-lantern!

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