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I got into a Creative Writing Program!

On a whim, I applied for a creative writing program, and I just found out that I got in! I’m so amazed and excited! It sounds like an amazing program, with classes that will actually be useful in helping me to learn about how to get my books published, how to write better, how to categorize better, all that jazz.I start January, and I am so, so excited. I get to work with a writing mentor, I get to write more stories – it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s a part-time program as well, so I’ll still be able to work full-time and earn some money while I’m writing, which, you know, is certainly ideal.

So that means I’m going back to school! It’s going to be a bit weird going back to school. I’ve been out for just long enough that I’ve adjusted to not being in school, but for a creative writing program, it’s all worth it.

I honestly can hardly contain my excitement. I think – I hope – this will lead to good things in my future. I can’t wait to learn everything I possibly can from this program, to meet new writers, and build that community that I feel like I’ve been lacking.

So let’s get to writing!


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