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“What Would Dodos Do?” — Copenhagen Day 13

This is it, our final day in Copenhagen! Our 2019 trip to Copenhagen was a blast, filled with lots of exciting adventures and stories to look back on. So how did we spend our final hours in the Danish city? Let’s get to it already!

If you missed it, check out last week’s post where we visit Northern Europe’s oldest observatory.

We decided to spend our last day in Copenhagen by going to the Zoological Museum, which is part of the collection that makes up the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Also included in that collection is the Botanical Garden and the Geological Museum, both of which we visited the day before.

At the Zoological Museum, we got to see a wide range of animal-related exhibits, displaying bones, fossils, and the like. Some of the most impressive pieces in the collection include their complete dinosaur skeleton of a Diplodocus, named “Misty” and measuring in at 17-meters long. They also have a full skeleton of a sperm whale. You know these kinds of animals are huge, but until you stand next to the skeleton of a sperm whale, you don’t really think about just how huge they actually are — at least, that’s how it was for me. That thing was absolutely massive!

Another very special item in the collection is a dodo skull. This is one of only two dodo skulls still in existence today (that we know of), so it’s a pretty cool thing to be able to see. Looking at that skull, you really do have to ask yourself — what would dodos do?

One exhibit takes you through 20,000 years, from prehistoric times to now, covering creatures from above ground and under the sea. There’s a wooly mammoth, as well as skeletons of giant elk and an aurochs bull. I’m not sure which part of the museum this was in, but I remember seeing a leatherback turtle as well and being impressed with its size.

There were tons of unique finds scattered throughout the Zoological Museum, so we spent a good amount of time there.

The rest of our day was spent walking around the city. We tried jumping on a bus tour but due to street closures, those were cancelled. Our backup plan was to take another boat tour, but there was some sort of event going on in the city that day so this prevented us from being able to do that as well.

Overall, Copenhagen was a really great trip. I got to see a lot of castles, which I loved, I got to immerse myself in fairy tales, and we even found things we weren’t originally planning on but that turned out to be incredibly enjoyable. I’d go back to Copenhagen (especially since I lost most of my photos from the trip).

The one thing I will say is it’s a very expensive place to visit, both in terms of food and accommodation. For visiting attractions and getting around the city, I think getting the Copenhagen Card is the best option, at least for those planning on packing in a lot of attractions, like we did. The card gets you into tons of places in and around the city (89 attractions total) for free — every single place we visited on the trip was covered by the card — and travel within Copenhagen via bus or metro is also free.

If anyone else has been to Copenhagen, I’d love to hear what your favourite thing to do there was. Or if anyone is planning on going, what are you most looking forward to doing?

As always, be safe out there everyone. If you are travelling right now, be responsible. I don’t have any travel plans for the near future, but I can’t wait for the next time adventure calls, when it’s finally safe again to do so.

Until then, signing off!

If you’re hankering for more stories from around the world, check out the rest of my travel blog.


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