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Trying Another Lush Face Mask

I had enough pots to get another free face mask from Lush, so I headed out and got me something new! This one is called BB Seaweed, and it’s similar to the seaweed face wash I use, Aqua Marina. Continue reading “Trying Another Lush Face Mask”

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How Do You Like Your Ombre?

I’ve had ombred hair for just over a year now, and I’m still in love with it. One of the best hair compliments I’ve ever received since dying my hair was “I know the colour’s not natural, but on you it looks like it is.” Work it girl! Hair flip, hair flip. I’ve grown attached to this look and now I find it difficult to think of parting from it. Continue reading “How Do You Like Your Ombre?”

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Girl Problems – Clothing Edition

I’m at it again, with clothing this time!

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as getting a new piece of clothing, especially when that piece is a dress. Dresses are my favourite thing to buy and my favourite thing to wear. However, as much as I love clothing and dressing nicely, and that would be quite a lot, this does not limit the frustrations I still have with ladies’ fashion. Continue reading “Girl Problems – Clothing Edition”