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Girl Problems – Makeup Edition

As I’ve mentioned before, I am no makeup expert, but I feel like there are problems that every girl has experienced or thought about while getting their face ready for the world. For example, getting makeup in your eye – that is painful and you look like a blinky goon afterwards, trying to get it out. Continue reading “Girl Problems – Makeup Edition”

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I Am Not a Make-Up Expert

But I wish I was. Don’t get me wrong – I know some stuff and I have a basic look I do most days, but it would be nice to have some variation every now and then. The things I don’t know how to do far outnumber the things I do know how to do. False eyelashes for example – how in Frankenweenie’s name do you stick those things on? I’d probably end up gluing my eyes shut. And that is not attractive. Continue reading “I Am Not a Make-Up Expert”