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The National Museum of Scotland – Edinburgh Day 3

Our third day in Edinburgh was spend wandering the National Museum of Scotland. This was an incredible place, one of the coolest museums I’ve been to – which is saying a lot. The place was huge too, with a vast and diverse collection; we couldn’t even finish it one day, we had to go back the following day to see the rest. It was an exhausting, but well-spent day. Continue reading “The National Museum of Scotland – Edinburgh Day 3”

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Exploring Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Day 2

Our first castle of the trip was Edinburgh Castle. More of a military fortress than a royal home, Edinburgh Castle is full of museums of war and houses Scotland’s Crown Jewels, as well as the infamous Stone of Destiny. Edinburgh Castle sits at the top of a hill and has survived countless attacks, its position proving to be pretty much impenetrable – in fact, the only successful takeover of the castle was done by the Scots themselves, when they were taking back their castle from the English. Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Day 2”

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Leaving for Scotland Soon!

I’m only a couple of days away from my vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I could not be more excited. We know what we’re doing for the first few days, and then we’ll wing it from there. It’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere, so I’m happy simply to be leaving home and exploring a new place, but the fact that I’m going back to Europe really takes the cake. Continue reading “Leaving for Scotland Soon!”