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Three More Books Everyone Should Read

I’ve been on a hot streak with books lately, reading a lot of really great ones, from magical to unsettling to the downright funny. I’ve picked out three from a rather long list of really great books that I’ve read recently, and while all the books are definitely worth a look, these three especially hit close to home for me, for a variety of different reasons. Continue reading “Three More Books Everyone Should Read”

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100 Pages!

I’ve finally reached 100 pages in the current novel I’m writing! It’s been a long haul, most of it feel like quite the unfortunate struggle, but I’m finally there! Obviously, there’s still a long ways to go, no doubt full of more struggle and writer’s block, but 100 pages is always an exciting milestone. Continue reading “100 Pages!”

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What Would Nancy Drew Do?

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew since I was a kid and I read my first case of hers The Mystery at Lilac Inn.I was hooked ever since, and since that first iconic yellow hardcover, I’ve seen many iterations of Nancy Drew through the years, from various book versions to the small and big screens, and even to a beloved video game franchise. She, as a character, was such an influence in my life, that I’ve often found myself asking – What would Nancy Drew do?
Continue reading “What Would Nancy Drew Do?”

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Wonderful Books Everyone Should Read

I’m an avid reader, and lately I’ve been doing a fair amount of it, so I thought, why not put together some recommendations for you all. I typically read stories that take place in the past, or older novels such as Austen or Dickens. But I realise the classics tend to have somewhat of an acquired taste and are not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ll stick to more recently written novels. Continue reading “Wonderful Books Everyone Should Read”