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The Castle Behind Hamlet – Copenhagen Day 4

Shakespeare in Denmark? Yes, you read that right. Our first day trip outside of Copenhagen took us back in time to the setting inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Kronborg Castle.

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Holyrood Palace AKA the Epitome of Beauty – Edinburgh Day 8

We spent a beautiful sunny day visiting the beautiful Holyrood Palace and Gardens. Holyrood is the active palace of Edinburgh, so it’s where the Queen stays when she comes to Edinburgh. As such, no pictures were allowed inside, which is such a shame because it was soooo gorgeous in there. Imagine glitter, gold, and history all rolled into one, and you might be able to start yourself a picture of the wonder that is Holyrood. Continue reading “Holyrood Palace AKA the Epitome of Beauty – Edinburgh Day 8”

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Exploring Stirling Castle – Edinburgh Day 7

After a week in Scotland, we left Edinburgh for the day to head over to Stirling and visit the astounding Stirling Castle. About an hour’s train ride away, it was nice to relax on the train and watch the Scottish countryside go by while we were brought to our next destination of adventure. And what an adventure Stirling Castle was! Probably one of my favourite days of the trip, we spent all day in Stirling exploring every nook and cranny the castle held. Continue reading “Exploring Stirling Castle – Edinburgh Day 7”

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Exploring Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Day 2

Our first castle of the trip was Edinburgh Castle. More of a military fortress than a royal home, Edinburgh Castle is full of museums of war and houses Scotland’s Crown Jewels, as well as the infamous Stone of Destiny. Edinburgh Castle sits at the top of a hill and has survived countless attacks, its position proving to be pretty much impenetrable – in fact, the only successful takeover of the castle was done by the Scots themselves, when they were taking back their castle from the English. Continue reading “Exploring Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Day 2”