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Ghost Stories of London

One evening in London I decided to go on a ghost tour, because it seemed a very London-esque thing to do. There’s nothing quite like walking through the back streets of London at night on a ghost tour to make you feel like you’ve travelled back to the Victorian period. I neither believe nor don’t believe in ghosts, but it’s always good fun to go and scare yourself silly with the thought of them. I love me a good story after all, and you never know where inspiration might hit you for a good story of your own. Here are some of the best stories I heard that evening. Continue reading “Ghost Stories of London”

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Getting to London and Dealing With My Anxiety

Getting to London was an adventure and a half.

I checked out of my hostel in Amsterdam early in the morning and took the subway back to the train station. Somehow the time disappeared from me and I was in a panic that I would miss my train. I managed to find it just in time and settled into my seat, unaware the panic of the morning would be nothing compared to what was coming next. Continue reading “Getting to London and Dealing With My Anxiety”