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Being a Language Assistant in France

The whole reason I was in Europe in the first place was because I got a job as a Language Assistant in France. This was a very interesting experience, to put it simply. Overall I loved it. I had some really great students and a lot of fun times. But this is not to say that it did not come with its difficulties. Continue reading “Being a Language Assistant in France”

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Versailles was My Disney Princess Moment

A long-time obsession of mine has been castles. They are one of my favourite attractions to go and visit. Even if they were completely empty I would be thrilled to walk through their halls. Another long-time favourite of mine has been Marie-Antoinette, so you can imagine my delight and awestruckness at finally being able to visit Versailles. Continue reading “Versailles was My Disney Princess Moment”

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My Epic Return to France

I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to go to France twice in my life already. The first time was on a school trip when I was in grade 12, which was amazing and my first introduction to the wonder that is Europe, and the second time was a couple of years later, in 2013, for work. As I’ve mentioned before I was working as an English Language Assistant, starting in October of that year. I had an amazing time while I was away, but it was a bit of a disaster getting over there in the first place. Continue reading “My Epic Return to France”